Valuframe Aluminium Profiles - For Economical Frameworks

All the features of the big aluminium profile framework systems - but cheaper

aluminium profilesAluminium profiles are commonly used in all industries from machine building and automation to machine guarding, from packaging machinery to film and television. But the profiles themselves are only half the story. How to make those aluminium profiles work together to make economical and sturdy frameworks? You could weld them together but that takes resources, specialist skills, time and money. This is where aluminium profile systems come in to play with connectors and many other parts that enable the user to engineer and if necessary re-engineer their framework with the minimum loss of time and resources. At Automation Supplies, our range of t-slot aluminium profiles is called Valuframe. The name Valuframe was chosen to emphasise the product function but also our focus on value for money. The Valuframe T-Slotted aluminium profile system for economical industrial and all purpose framework building from Automation Supplies is continuing to replace welded steel fabrications in machinery and roller and belt conveyors. Aluminium profiles are nothing new, but the Valuframe system is designed to be compatible with the more established, more expensive aluminium profile systems while being more competitively priced.    

Aluminium profiles 5mm slot Aluminium profiles 6mm slot Aluminium profiles 8mm slot

We offer you aluminium profiles in 3 distinct series based on the slot width and slot centres for you to make machine guards workstations, automated machine frames or any kind of structure at very competitive prices. Our catalogue is not so complex and vast that you give up with it, but is has 99% of what you will need to build economical and robust aluminium profile based frames for all applications. aluminium profile frameThis means that you can design and quickly build your own frameworks around your conveyor.

Valuframe t-slotted aluminium profiles from Automation Supplies can also be used to help create economical linear motion solutions with linear slides based on the aluminium profile structure with those versatile t-slots. 

You do not have to compromise on quality with Valuframe. Our aluminium profiles have the same function, manufacturing quality and options in connections and other fittings as many of the more established and expensive profile based systems available. We just work harder to keep costs down. The aluminium profiles and connecting elements will seamlessly combine with these more expensive systems if you need to change from another system to Valuframe. 


With Valuframe there are no minimum order quantities and we have a standard delivery time of 4 working days from order to delivery. Of course in an emergency we can offer overnight delivery on the majority of parts and profiles.  


We value all our customers both new and old, big and small. We don’t believe that prices should be secrets, after all we work hard to make sure they are competitive, so why not let you see them up front? Shortly, you will be able to download price lists for Valuframe here at any time. If you have a large requirement, then talk to us about quantity discounts!

aluminium profiles used to make a machine frameA very competitive assembly service is available for you, but you can also order aluminium profiles and parts in bulk or complete lengths to cut yourselves, or order a kit of cut to length profiles and parts for you to assemble. It’s all up to you. 

The Valuframe aluminium profiles are available from stock and a catalogue is also available to download here.


Contact us to see how you can improve your design life with Valuframe aluminium profiles


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